Wax Deer Jungle Club: A Nostalgic Dive into the 80s with Exclusive NFT Benefits

4 min readJan 1, 2024

Welcome to the Neon Glow of the Wax Deer Jungle Club

In the heart of the digital wilderness, there’s a new club in town the Wax Deer Jungle Club, an exclusive NFT PFP collection that’s more than just a digital asset; it’s a ticket to a neon-drenched journey back to the 80s. Combining the allure of the digital age with the unmistakable charm of the 80s, our collection is a unique blend of past and future.

The 80s Club: Where Retro Meets Crypto

Imagine a club where the synth beats of the 80s echo in the background, and the vibrant aesthetics of the era come alive in the form of digital art. That’s the essence of our 80s club theme. Each NFT is not just a piece of art; it’s a part of a cultural renaissance, celebrating the era that reshaped entertainment, fashion, and music.

Exclusive Benefits: More Than Just Ownership

Joining the ranks of the Wax Deer Jungle Club by holding 80 PFPs isn’t just about owning exceptional digital art; it’s about becoming an integral part of a groundbreaking venture. Your membership unlocks a suite of exclusive benefits:

  • A 7% Share of Glory: Receive a 7% share from all sales on our advanced web store, newhoolix.ch. This is a real partnership, intertwining your interests with the success of our enterprise. you can find more details here.
  • Private Channel Access: Gain exclusive access to our private channels, where critical discussions about the future of the Wax Deer Jungle Club take place. Your input and insights are highly valued in shaping our project’s trajectory.
  • FGL Metaverse Land Profit sharing: Claim your stake in the FGL Metaverse Land v1. This isn’t just a piece of digital property; it’s a portal to earning FGL Token through participation in 4 distinct games.
  • 2 FGL OG Gold lands Profit sharing : secure your share from our 2 ‘FGL OG Gold’ NFT, which not only represents elite status but also grants access to MECH Token Airdrop, a valuable digital currency based on the Cardano blockchain.
  • Personalized Collectibles Pack: Celebrate your membership with a custom pack of collectibles, including a unique hoodie, a card of your chosen Deer PFP, exclusive stickers, and more, each item a testament to your place in our digital community.
  • ANTLERS Token Airdrop: As a special token of our appreciation, each member will receive an airdrop of 250 ANTLERS tokens, our 3rd token, further enhancing the value and exclusivity of your membership. This airdrop signifies not just a reward but an investment in the burgeoning ecosystem of the Wax Deer Jungle Club.
  • Comic book Airdrop : as a part of the 80s club you will receive one NFT pack from our comic book chapter 1
  • Chat To Earn: Engage with our innovative bot that rewards active members. As part of the 80s club, you’ll hold a higher tier in this system, making your interactions even more rewarding.
  • NFT Reward Program: randomly our 80s bot will be daily rewarding members with NFT’s in our discord server. As part of the 80s club, you’ll hold a higher tier in this system, making your rewards even more bigger.
  • Weekly Galactic Deer Odyssey Bot: exclusive battles with NFT’s rewards. you participate automatically to be One of the Galactic Deer Odyssey Champions
  • Beta Mini Games Access: Be the first to experience and test our beta mini games. This early access for 80s club members ensures you’re at the forefront of our gaming developments.
  • Giveaways Points: Earn points in our discord giveaway bot, enhancing your chances in giveaways. High points for 80s club members mean higher chances of winning.
  • Name Recognition as a Supporter: Have your name listed on our webstore/website as a token of our gratitude and recognition of your support.
  • Featured in Our Comic Book: Become a part of our narrative in chapter 2 of our comic book, where the story will revolve around the esteemed members of the 80s club.

Building a Community: Beyond the Digital Canvas

Our club is more than a collection; it’s a community. We’re building a space where enthusiasts can connect, share ideas, and be part of a vibrant culture. Expect virtual meetups, special events, and collaborative projects all under the neon lights of the 80s theme.

The Future is Bright (and Retro)

The Wax Deer Jungle Club is not just looking back at the 80s; we’re moving forward with it. Our roadmap includes exciting collaborations, expansions, and innovative projects that will keep the club at the forefront of the NFT world.

Conclusion: A Club Like No Other

The Wax Deer Jungle Club is more than an NFT collection; it’s a celebration of an era, a community of enthusiasts, and a partnership in a burgeoning digital marketplace. Join us as we bring the 80s back.

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